Family Law in Texas

Some Things You Should Know

About Family Law

Family law can be extremely complicated in many cases. It involves issues that must be settled during the divorce process such as separation, divorce petition, temporary orders, custody and support of children, paternity, adoption, grandparent rights, and much more.

Other Family Law Issues

Collaborative Law

The court’s litigation process is often not a family friendly or child friendly environment to resolve family disputes such as divorce or child custody and support issues. Luckily, through the collaborative law process you can resolve issues without risking destruction of family relationships, financial destruction, and long term emotional wounds.

About the Children

When agreements cannot be made during divorce and it concerns children, property, pets, and other possessions, the court will put temporary orders into place. These orders can fall under a variety of categories that include child or spousal support, custody, protective orders, restraining orders and other decrees.

Legal Parents and Grandparents

Other issues involving the settlement of a divorce may need additional consideration. Extended family such as grandparents have a right to visit with grandchildren and must be included in divorce negotiations. Sometimes the legal right of a mother or father must be made clear in the case of adoption, step children, or a biological parent.

Family Law Attorney

If you have a family law situation that needs a resolution, a dallas family law attorney can provide all of the divorce and family law services you will need to complete the divorce, modification of divorce, or family law process. Contact an attorney today to schedule a free consultation.